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Recorded Samples of Draeseke's Music - mp3 mp3

These musical examples are in mp3 format. Click on any of the links to download the mp3 file. Note that most sound clips are in highly compressed mp3 format to facilitate web access and are not representative of the original sound quality. IDG members can purchase all AK/Coburg recordings at a substantial discount and have access to higher quality live recordings made by the Society.

Click on any of the links below to listen or download mp3mp3 files.

From AK Coburg recordings:

The complete historic first recording of Draeseke's Symphonia Tragica (Symphony No. 3, op. 40, in C):

Read about the interesting origins of this recording.

Lectures (in German) with musical examples and performances from the IDG Bad Rodach program, 20 June 2009:

Complete performance of the IDG Meiningen program, 21 June 2009, featuring the world premiere of Draeseke's Violin Concerto
Julia Röntz (violin), Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach (piano) :

Live Broadcasts:

Piano Sonata in c#, Op. 6 (Sonata quasi Fantasia) played by Andreas Benend (from andreas-benend.de):

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