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In June 2004, the Houston Public Radio Station, KUHF, featured live performances of the music of Felix Draeseke. On the occasion of the American Musicological Society's 2003 Meeting in Houston, TX, Draeseke's Second Viola Sonata (in F WoO 26) and Quintet in A for Strings (WoO 25), "Stelzner Quintet", were performed on original instruments. On 14 June and 21 June 2004, KUHF's program "The Front Row" featured these Houston performances and broadcast an interview with IDG and IDS/NA's Alan Krueck and studio performances of Draeseke's Second Viola Sonata (James Przygocki, viola alta and Theresa Bogard, piano) and the Stelzner Quintet (Summit Chamber Players).

You can listen to the broadcast in mp3 format:

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