Dresden Conservatory: Stelzner Competition 1896

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Original text he Musical Times and Singing Class Circular, Vol. 37, No. 640. (Jun. 1, 1896)
DRESDEN.- An interesting competition has just been opened, under the auspices of the Principal of the Dresden Conservatorium, by Dr. Alfred Stelzner, who it appears has constructed two new string instruments, Intermediaries respectively between double-bass and violoncello (called "Cellone"), and between the violoncello and viola (the ''Violotta"), the latter ranging a fourth below the viola and the former a fourth below the violoncello. The new instruments have met with the approval of the authorities of the Conservatorium, and in order to encourage their practical use two prizes of 500 marks each have been offered by the inventor for a quartet for violin, viola, violotta, and violoncello, and a sextet for two violins, viola, violotta, violoncello, and cellone. The new combination (or perhaps revival, in a novel form, of an old one) affords some fresh scope to composers of chamber music, and the result of the competition will be looked forward to with much interest by musicians. Further information concerning the conditions of the latter, which is international, may be obtained application to the director of the Dresden Conservatorium.

from: The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular, Vol. 37, No. 640. (Jun. 1, 1896), p. 399


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