Felix Draeseke: The Operas & Stage Works

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Operas & Theater Works (Libretti by Felix Draeseke):
WoO 2

König Sigurd - Opera in 3 Acts after Emanuel Geibel's Sigurd (1853-7)

WoO 12 Dietrich von Bern - Opera in 3 Acts  (1877; revised by Otto zur Nedden, 1925)
WoO 13 Herrat - Opera in 3 Acts  (1877-9, revised 1885) 
WoO 14 Gudrun - Opera in 3 Acts (1879-84)
WoO 17 Der Waldschatzhauser (1882)
WoO 22 Bertran de Born - Opera in 3 Acts (1892-4)
WoO 24 Fischer und Kalif - Comic Opera in 1 Act (1894-5) 
WoO 30 Merlin - Opera in 3 Acts, after K.L. Immermann (1903-5)
See the complete list of Draeseke compositions to check on availability of recordings, on-line sound excerpts, informative articles, or copy of the scores of the stage works listed here. Also see a separate list of Choral and Vocal Music and more details about Draeseke's Operas.
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