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AK/Coburg DR 0001-3
Reviewed in Classical Music: the listener's companion
  • AKCoburg DR 0001 - Felix Draeseke Viola Sonata No. 1 in C Minor, WoO 21 Viola Sonata No. 2 in F, WoO 26 Franco Sciannameo [viola], Eric Moe [piano]
  • AKCoburg DR 0002 - Felix Draeseke Cello Sonata in D op 51; Ballade for Cello & Piano in b op 7; Barcarole for Cello & Piano in a op 11; Piano Pieces: Vision op 21/1, Traum im Elfenhain op21/2, Rote Blätter fallen op 14/1, Verweht op 14/2, Valse-Scherzo op5/2. Barbara Thiem [cello], Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach [piano]
  • AKCoburg DR 0003 - Felix Draeseke Clarinet Sonata in B flat op 38; Scene for Violin & Piano op 69; Violin Sonata in B flat op 38 (alt. version of clarinet sonata). Martin Nitschmann [clarinet], Nanette Schmidt [violin], Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach [piano]

   "The AK Coburg label, under the auspices of the International Draeseke Society, has released three discs thus far. Franco Sciannameo and Eric Moe offer Viola Sonatas 1 and 2 on DR 0001; DR 0002 features Barbara Thiem in the Cello Sonata, Ballade, and Barcarole, aided by Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach, who contributes several solo piano pieces. Martin Classical music: the listener's companionNitschmann plays the Clarinet Sonata on DR 0003, and Nanette Schmidt offers an alternate version for violin plus the dramatic Scene based on themes from the unproduced opera Bertrand de Born. The Cello Sonata expands upon the Brahmsian model, while inhabiting a sound-world uniquely Draeseke's own; the viola sonatas, like Schubert's Arpeggione, were written for the now obsolete viola alta, yet it suits the standard viola comfortably. The clarinet sonata may well be the first such work of the Romantic period, and the violin arrangement is the composer's own. This is beautiful music, played with great sympathy and affection, which anyone who loves the chamber music of Brahms and Schumann will surely find well worth investigating."

Classical Music: the listener's companion
by Alexander J. Morin
Backbeat Books [2002] p. 273

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